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Wolf's Blood
(a snippet from the novel)
--C. K. Casner

The long dark hair whipped in the wind as he stood in the thick forest, the mountains looming all around. She shivered with cold, but the sight of the figure standing silently chilled her more to the bone than the cold did. His clothes were spattered with blood and his amber eyes glowed while his blood stained teeth grinned evilly at her and then the mouth opened wide and struck…

Jenna awoke with a start, and then moaned as she put a hand to her head. She had hardly drank last night, so why did she feel as though she had a major hangover? Two beers were not enough to warrant the kind of pain she was feeling at the moment. She wished that she could get back to work soon and maybe the strange nightmares would stop.

She briefly thought about Lana and shook her head, wondering if her friend was suffering more than she at the moment. The woman would come to a bad end should she continue her heavy drinking. Jenna knew what it was like to be lonely. She had felt that way for most her life, growing up with an indifferent mother and years later, living with a philandering fiancé.

She stumbled to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet, looking for the bottle of Tylenol to calm the raging headache. After popping a couple of pills and drinking from the faucet; she ran her tongue over her teeth, hating the fuzzy feeling of not having brushed the night before. She grabbed up her toothbrush and liberally loaded it with toothpaste. The brush clattered as it fell into the sink from her still hand. With a gasp of surprise, she pulled her top lip up and studied her teeth. Her canines looked as though they had grown, dropping below the rest of her even teeth, resembling fangs. She put her thumb to one and pressed hard, not willing to believe what she was seeing. A small drop of blood appeared on the offended digit; she watched in horror as the wound began to close before her very eyes. She stared at her injured lip in the mirror where Willis had struck her and let out a loud gasp. The cut had completely healed, only a slight yellow tinge remained from the dark bruise that she had sported the night before. "This isn't happening. It's all a bad dream," she murmured to herself as she continued to stare at her elongated teeth. She was no dentist, but she knew enough that adult teeth do not just grow in length overnight. She covered her mouth in shock as she noticed that her hair now hung past her collar bone. She backed away from the mirror in horror until her heels struck the tiled wall and slid down. "What the hell is happening to me?"

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