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The Northumberland Werewolf

In the Northumberland Country of Pennsylvania, a tale is told of a young sheep herder, and her lycanthropic admirer. The young girl was a cheerful child, and liked by everyone in the community, especially a solitary old man who everyone regarded with fear. The old man would always follow the young girl, and also sit and watch her as she tended to her father's flock of sheep.

Although many wolf attacks were reported even during  broad daylight, the flock that the young girl tended to remained unharmed. This went on for several years, until a farmer spotted a wolf in the moonlight. He took a shot at it, and the wolf cried out, then retreated into the bushes.  When the man went to check if his shot had killed the wolf, he found the old man dead with a bullet in his chest. The girl continued to tend to her sheep herd and never once was it attacked by wolves.