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The Werewolf of Bettembourg

A long time ago, an old and crippled soldier came from the direction of Luxembourg City. He lay down to rest at a cross standing on a hill just outside the town of Bettembourg.

Suddenly he jumped to his feet, started swearing to God and Hell, and completely destroyed the representation of our Lord's crucifixion.

From that day, a big wolf started haunting the grounds around the old church of Bettembourg, killing all that would come in his way. No bullet and no spear could do him any harm, until a wise monk told the people of Bettembourg to make a bullet of silver into which to carve the names of Jesus, Maria and Joseph.

The hunters then set out to track the beast and eventually shot it. When they arrived at the place it had disappeared, and the body they found, was that of the old soldier, who turned out to be a former Bettembourgian.

On this hill a small cross still stands, and sometimes at night, howling wolves can still be heard near it.