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Aladdin: Moonlight Madness (1994)
Air Date: October 4th, 1994
Season 1, Episode 22

Summary: Aladdin feels guilty he never manages to give Jasmne the romantic evening she craves, and angry at Abu, Iago and Genie, who all too often mess it up for the lovers, everywhere. Still, when a bones-reader predicts Aladdin can find a treasure at full moon on an island, just the evening he promised to take Jasmine 'just us two', he's happy to take Iago's excuse: an island is a romantic retreat. Genie and carpet secretly tag along, searching while he keeps Jasmine -not quite- amused, but soon she notices and allows the gang to continue treasure-hunting. Only when the monstrous guardian werewolf turns into a pretty girl in startled Aladdin's arms, his princess comes close to turning into loveless monster...