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La Bestia y la Espada Magica: 1983

Aconito Films / Amachi
Color 118 min.
aka The Beast and the Magic Sword
aka La Bestia y los Samurais

Director: Jacinto Molina (Paul Naschy)
Cast: Shigeru Amachi, Beatriz Escudero, Junko Asahina

Plot: Naschy's second time in the directors chair yields easily the longest (almost two hours!) and certainly the last movie in the three decade long series of Waldemar Daninsky movies. This time he is in sixteenth century Japan (now they're ignoring the laws of time, not just life, eh?) seeking a cure for his curse. He doesn't find it, and he gets killed, yet again, by yet another woman that loves him, ending the series without too much innovation.


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