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The Rats are Coming: 1972

Constitution Films Inc.
Color 92 min.
aka The Werewolves are Here
aka Curse of the Full Moon

Director: Andy Milligan
Cast: Hope Stansbury, Jacqueline Skarvellis, Berwick Kaler

Plot: Originally filmed as Curse of the Full Moon the film concerns a family, the Mooneys, struggling with genetic lycanthropy. One daughter, Diana, is sent to a Scottish medical school in order to help save the family, and returns with a new husband, Gerald. The family disapproves, especially Diana's sister Monica, and spends most of the movie trying to convince Gerald to leave. The family patriarch, "Papa", warms to Gerald once he learns that Diana is pregnant, because a normal baby could save the bloodline.

The inevitable full moon causes the entire family to turn into werewolves, attacking Diana, Gerald, and each other. Malcolm kills Monica, brother Mortimer kills Malcolm, Gerald shoots Mortimer, etc. Gerald and Diana manage to survive the resultant bloodbath, but Diana later tells her husband that his only purpose had been to get her pregnant. She is not normal, as we has been led to believe, but can shape-shift at will. She does so, killing Gerald.



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