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La Noche De Walpurgis: 1970
Plata Films S.A.
aka Shadow of the Werewolf
aka The Werewolf's Shadow
aka The Werwolf vs. the Vampire Woman
aka Nacht der Vampire
aka The Black Harvest of Countess Dracula

Director: Leon Klimovsky
Cast: Paul Naschy, Paty Shepard, Gaby Fuchs

Plot: Paul Naschy, who fullheartedly believes in making at least one movie a year (his last being El Hombre Que Vino de Ummo (1969)), returns again after being resurrected (from which death?) when doctors exctract a silver bullet from his corpse. He travels with two women to his castle in serch of the vampire woman, who is revived by a drop of blood falling on her face. One girl is killed, the other is held until Walpurgis Night for a ritual. She is saved by Daninsky, who somehow (and he always finds a way) dies.



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