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Dracula contra Frankenstein: 1972

Fenix/Comptoir Francais Du Film
aka Dracula against Frankenstein
aka Dracula Prisonnier de Frankenstein
aka Dracula contra el Doctor Frankenstein
aka Dracula versus Frankenstein
aka Satana contra Dr. Exortio
aka The Screaming Dead

Director: Jesus Franco
Cast: Dennis Price, Howard Vernon, Alberto Dalbes

Plot: Dracula is initially killed by Jonathan (Dalbes) only to be later brought back to life by a Baron, thus giving the Baron control of a horde of vampires. In order to once again stop the vampires Jonathan sets out with a werewolf to kill the Baron. He fails, however the Baron ends up killing the vampire horde and Count Dracula anyway. Jonathan rewards him by burning down his castle and killing him with the help from some gyspies.


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