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Werewolf in a Womans Prison (2008)

Director: Jeff Leroy
Cast: Victoria De Mare, Eva Derrick, Vinnie Bilancio, Al Burke, Domiziano Arcangeli

Plot: An new explotation film, in the same vein as I Was a Teenage Werewolf and Werewolves on Wheels, the film combines Lycanthropy and Womens prison movie genres, a can't miss combination.

When Sarah and her boyfriend Jack are attacked by a werewolf while camping, Jack is killed and Sarah is badly mauled. Since her story doesn't add up, she is convicted of murder and sent to a third world women's prison for the criminally insane. The usual women-in-prison movie staples follow -- lesbianism, catfights, gratuitous nudity, etc. -- but Sarah brings something new to the mix; having been bitten, she is now a werewolf herself. Jack isn't completely out of the picture as, in a plot lifted from An American Werewolf in London, his corpse appears to Sarah and tells her that the only way to break the curse upon her is with her own death.


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