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The Lunar Pack (2004)
Hocus Focus Productions

Director: Jason Liquori
Cast: Chanel Bagwell, Melissa Morse, Juliet Reeves, Debbie Rochon

Plot: This movie is a good example of how not to make a movie (low-budget or otherwise). This might possibly the worst werewolf film I have ever seen (even worse than Werewolf '96 if that is possible). The film is basically made of three short films with a werewolf theme. The first, Dark Rose: 700 Year Itch tells the story of a woman taking vengeance on a bloodline of vampires. She tracks one down to her lair and transforms into a werewolf and they have a fight. The second, Sheep's Clothing is about a husband who suspects his wife of having an affair and hires a private eye to observe her activities. The final , is called Crying Wolf and tells a tale of a man and his fiancée who are attacked by a werewolf. The man survives, but he has been bitten and hence cursed with the affliction of lycanthropy.


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