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Khon Hon Khee Ruen Nai Khuen Duen Siaw (2005)
Phra Nakorn Film Co. Ltd.
Color 95 min
aka Werewolf in Bangkok

Director: Viroj Thongsiew
Cast: Nhong Chachacha, Natnicha Cherdchubupakari, Debbie Bazoo

Plot: Frank is a garbage scavenger who lives with his adopted street-urchin daughter Lilly. One day, while on the run from the scavenger "digging-up" gang (whose symbol is sort of a smiley face with shades and a mohawk), they take shelter in a spooky old mansion owned by a werewolf, who bites Frank. Afterwards, when the moon is only half full, Frank turns into a mangy, ugly, half-werewolf mutt, and soon is on the run from the gang, the werewolf from the mansion, and a pair of lethal werewolf hunters.


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