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Blood of the Werewolf (2001)

Brimstone Productions
Color 81 min.

Director: Bruce G. Hallenebeck, Joe Bagnardi, Kevin Lindenmuth
Cast: Tony Luna, Mary Kay Hilko, Helen Black , Joe Bagnardi, Bill Chapul

Blood Reunion: Horror writer Edward Sparrow returns to his hometown where he looks up Jane Bradford, a girl he used to be interested in - but is kept from seeing her by her religiously crazy grandmother. At the same time someone or something starts killing townspeople and Edward comes under suspicion.

Old Blood: Roberta is one of a centuries-old race of shape-changers. Her mundane girlfriend Charlene pesters Roberta to make her one of them.

Manbeast: A man runs through the woods, pursued by two hunters who regard him as a dangerous animal.


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