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Sphere of the Lycanthrope (2009)

Color 112 min.

Director: David Stay
Cast: Aronne Baietti, Craig DiFrancia, Tony Fernandez, Liz Ghallager, Kent Harding

Plot: John Hammond, is a high school professor transferred to another school for delving into some dark practices. Upon arriving at Meckalecha High, he finds it is terrorized by a nasty gang of thugs led by Calvin Cooks, best know as the Devil. After his back is against the wall and he realizes no one will take a stand against them, John Hammond the mild mannered professor swallows the Sphere, transforms into a ravishing beast and takes on the punks in a bloody rampage. The Sphere of the Lycanthrope is a movie lost for 18 years. Cursed mind you, and now the curse has been lifted.



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