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La Marca del Hombre Lobo: 1967

Maxper Producciones Cinematográficas
aka Hell's Creatures
aka Frankenstein's Bloody Terror
aka The Mark of the Wolfman
aka El Hombre Lobo
aka The Vampire of Dr. Dracula
aka The Wolfman of Count Dracula

Director: Enrique Eguiliz
Cast: Paul Naschy, Diane Konopka, Julian Ugarte, Rossana Yanni, Michael Manz

Plot: This movie marks the introduction of Count Waldemar Daninsky (Naschy), who happens to be a werewolf. In this, the first of many many to come, he meets a strange Hungarian couple (Ugarte and Yanni) who try to cure him, but they have problems of their own (both being vampires).Another couple (Konopka and Manz) befriend the werewolf who then kills the vampires and for good measure, the parents of the couple, which brings about his demise at the hands of Konopka.


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