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Poetry/Short Stories

The Watchers
by Aztor

I knew I heard something a few seconds ago, but I can not figure out what it is. I am on my way walking home from my friends house, of course it is a dark as it can be, because the moon is not out. Half way to my house, I heard something, it sounded like a twig breaking underneath a foot, but I do not know for sure. "Who is there?" I asked to the stranger that made the noise. "Is that you Nick, because if it is you, you acting like a dumb ass" I said to the person that I hoped was Nick, my friend. No one said anything, and I did not hear it again.

"This is so dumb," I said to myself, "it could have been a cat or something" So I just kept on walking. I still had three blocks to go, and on the street that I was on, the street light had burned out. So I picked up the pace a little. Then out of no where I heard some cat hiss. After that, I knew something was there and it was following me. A cat just does not hiss at nothing for no reason, unless they were afraid of that thing.

"Alright, who ever is out there, I will Kung-Fu your ass if you try and hurt me" I said even though I had not had a single Kung-fu lesson in my life. The next thing I knew, I saw something dash out of the garbage cans.

I jumped out of fright, and fell to the ground to because it was a natural reaction. I turned my head to the street, and I saw the cat that must of hissed run away into the yard across the street.

"Man, am I dumb" I told myself. So I started to walk again, but I wanted to get to my house quicker. I looked up and down the street, and of course, no one was there, it was too late at night. I started to shift into my wolf form, and it only took me a minute to get fully formed. I wanted to get to my house quick, and this was the quickest way. I dashed to the end of the street in no time, and when I got to the end I saw a bunch of bushes, and dashed into them. I don't know what I was doing, but I wanted to see who was following me, and if anyone was following me. Luckily, from here, I could see out into the street, and they could not see me looking on them.

Story continued below


I laid my head down on my paws, waiting for the person to come. In a minute, I saw a man come down the street, dressed in black. He went to the end of the street, and bent down and took a look at the pavement. And he turned his head down the street, that I was going to go down, but instead I turned into the bushes. The man pulled out a gun form his jacket, and placed bullets into the gun, and then went down the street that I was going to go down to get to my house.

When he was gone down the street, I started to go out of the bushes., but then thought, "That man was following me, and when he caught up to me, he would have killed me!" I went straight back into the bushes. to wait awhile longer to make sure he was gone.

At the end of the street where the man with the gun just left, another man came. This one was dressed in a cloak that was dark red, but still blended into the night. He put his head up to the air and sniffed, and then he started to go the way the man with the gun did, but he turned around just after he past the bushes. I was in.

He came up to the bushes. and said "Don't worry young cub, I won't hurt ya, I came here to protect you from that man."

At first I was not going to get out, but then I thought it was better that I go out on my own, instead of him dragging me out. So I walked out of the bushes., and looked up at the man. He was older than me, maybe by 10 years. Then the man said "Ya mind turning into a human again, I feel weird talk to a wolf."

I turned back into a human, because I did not want to make this guy angry. Who knows if he has a gun too. When I fully changed back into a human I asked, "Who are you, and what do you want of me?"

He waited awhile, and then told me this, "Young cub, I am your Watcher. I am a werewolf who has fully developed, and like you I was once a cub. But that was a long time ago. I came here to help you. You saw that man that was following you? He is called a Hunter. He was born to kill us werewolves, and he was out for you tonight. I was out watching you to make sure you were not going to get killed tonight. I got a little caught up by your friends house, because his dad came out and started yelling at me to get off his property. It was smart of you to run into the bushes., the Hunters are smart, but they don't have the sense of smell we do, so that is how I found you. You see, I am you protector, making sure you make it to your full development. Every young cub has a Watcher, so that we make sure our race survives." When he was finished he looked down my street and said "Come, the Hunter has left, it is safe for you now."

He started walking, and I followed him until we reached our house. I got up onto the stairway, and turned around to say good bye, but he had already left. But I knew he was still there, watching me, making sure I was all right.