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by Wolfgang

Born charmed of blood and birth a new being enters the cold unforgiving world. Protected by its parents and the forces that be a long journey awaits. Lucid and comprehending by age two, this new life has a thirst for knowledge and experience. Upon his future no mark is made and no destiny written, what path will this innocent take. With coming of age comes the rituals of mankind and the forced experience of a foreign existence. Not quite human but, neither animal a balance must be struck. The inner yearnings of aggressive passion and wild longing hold this child in their grasp. Yet his upbringing tells him no, his nature whispers yes. To leave this mortal coil the most blissful thought to comfort a confused and misunderstood youth, he wishes for death. Cold and clammy the icy fingers claw his back, but release is not to be given. What primal baying stirs in his soul what act of consecration must he perform. Nightmares haunt him constantly with unknown meaning and purpose. Power is the answer, passion the answer. Through his dreams he learns the way. Projecting his life force around him others bend to his will. Every day a pitiful existence with fleeting glimpses of contentment. How to escape this hell? No one knows the answers to his questions, and there is no God that will talk. An experience in pain and direction his salvation. Calling on the primordial forces contained within he finds a door. In his mind, heavily barred and surrounded in mist. A mortal conquest to open it does not come easily, but eventually does come. Now he steps inside, the realm of the dreaming, nightmares and fantasy, from what source does this beautiful essence pervade his consciousness. a creature not unlike himself but free from the bounds of humanity, chained to his soul by forged bondage. He must set him free. Finally a man and a possessor of knowledge he solves the puzzle. The beast behind his eyes is loose and low to anything that stands in its way. Rage and fury subsided the realization is made, the power was always within, and the answers to all his questions. He only had to find what mankind lost, beat, kicked aside and discarded. Done for their morality they did this, losing their elemental creative force they are damned. Over jubilant with ecstasy he springs forth never to be the same again, but to always be different and at odds with all complacency. A beast among men? A god among others? A devil and deviant? A being onto myself. Birthright by faith and powerful ancestors. Charmed by blood, unto passion. The powers that be smile upon him and he gives thanks. This is his story.