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Poetry/Short Stories

Indian Delight
by Rashashan

His heart beat in his chest faster than it ever had before. the sent of curried fish embraced his nose the disciple of Vishnu stepped from the shadows. His flesh twisting in the soft light of the night. His Dharma called his shape changed it was time. Eyes shining the palest yellow he stalked on following her closely.   A goddess had descended and the yogi had warned him that only the flesh of a god could cure his ailment his Dharma . For being Rashashan the demon of night. He pounced and silver light engulfed his body racked with pain he fell... and failed but the hunger was to strong. Humanity cried within him growing stronger with each breath flesh twisting back into form. He hunted her again as the intensity of her steps quickened. He would be human again but at what cost for there is NO rest for the wicked. Dark red tears streaked his bestial face and he ran on...