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True Definition of a Werewolf

By: Rex Beowolf

A werewolf is a person with the ability to alter his or her form into that of a wolf, or a close representation thereof.

The legend of the werewolf was born long ago, back when we knew very little about science, the stars, nature, or ourselves.  I think that someone probably witnessed a person transforming.  It is certain that this person transformed into a wolf, or something close, as how would it be described and recorded otherwise.  Perhaps some person figured out a way to transform his/her self, had done it a few times, and either showed someone purposefully, or accidentally.  I am certain that "magic" was involved.  (To me, magic is the ability to tap into the power of the mind through tricking one's self into believing that one can perform a certain act.  I will not delve into magic itself, only to say that it was probably a factor.)

Why werewolves?  What about weretigers, werebears, etc...  A lot of these legends were born of other cultures.They may exist, but I personally do not believe it.  Most are a product of the imagination of some RPG inventors.  I think that perhaps wolves are closer to us(evolutionary and genetically) than we think. After all, man's best friend is a domesticated wolf, bred for different asks.  Perhaps humans and wolves evolved from the same line, or at least, in parallel.  How many of you werebears out there have a pet bear at home?  Let's not even talk about cats! Over the centuries, other werewolves may have appeared, lending credence to the initial rumors.  It was probably the ultimate act of magic for someone to accomplish this transformation.  It would certainly have to have been a rare occurrence.  There is evidence to support these ideas in the writings and art of centuries ago.  There is a lot of ancient writings which tells of sorcerers and witches transforming into these beasts and terrorizing people. Although I doubt that there was actually any terrorizing, I am certain that a person or two might have been killed out of vengeance.  I shall not treat the subjects of mass hysteria, the inquisition, and the like.  I philosophize, but I am not a philosopher.

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Hollywood has picked up these legends and given them the typical Hollywood treatment. Silver bullets, full moons, bloodthirsty beasts, terrorizing anything from small villages, to Piccadilli Circus (no offense John, great flick!)  Most of what we think we know about werewolves came from these
story writers.

I believe that a werewolf is simply this:  A person with the ability, either by direct will, or redirected will of imagination, to transform themselves, probably by genetic means, into a wolf, or a creature closely resembling a wolf.  No magic.  No full moon.  No silver bullets.  No blood lines.  No disease of lycanthropy.  Pure, and simple power of the mind.  A mind which is not limited to conventional thinking.  It probably works in much the same way as a simple placebo.  If you were given a pill, and told that it would make you change into a wolf the next full moon, and you really, truly believed, with all of your conscious and unconscious thoughts, I bet that you would actually change into a wolf the next full moon.

So, to all of you wannabe-be weres, keep up hope, maybe one of these days you will find your 'pill.'  To all of you demon hunters with your silver bullets, sorry, it just doesn't work that way.  We bleed the same blood as everyone else.

Rex Beowulf
Proprietor, "The Slaughtered Lamb"

PS:  To those who think they want to be a werewolf, there are some simple instructions for you somewhere on this page.  Seek and yee shall find, but beware of impostors and fakers, they will only lead you to insanity. Trust me, if you look, you will see.  And if you follow the instructions, you too can grow fur and fangs and howl at the moon.