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Poetry/Short Stories

Dance of the Loup-Garoux
By: S. Tepes

You see me… Do not gaze into my eyes. Look deeper for what’s hidden inside. You feel me… Do not drink too deeply, for the dark wolf sees through my eyes! Not sorcery… I feel the moon’s alluring song. Not darkness…. Not to my eyes. Not wicked… Blacker than the abyss, Forever hungry…. Driven to kill! I saw you. Then, I watched you. I can smell you… Taste you from afar. I know you … Feel me watching you. You fear me… Not well enough! Your heart pounds…. I feel your body heat. Not following…. Blood-red pursuit! You'll know me, not when you see me. You'll see me…. Last in your eyes! Raised voices….. Aroused by your torment. Raised voices…. The smell of fear in the wind, Raised voices, alone… or together. Cry Wolf! - Forever again…. Andy, ensuring that each step fall as silent as the night sky above him, approached carefully…. slowly. He wanted nothing more then to catch another glimpse of the enchanting form he had witnessed just a few nights before. There was no rational way for him to explain it; he knew well enough that where lust and desire were concerned, rationality had no place. Hidden by the darkness of shadows, he came to rest outside the clearing she had chosen. A warm spring breeze brushed against his cheeks as his deep dark eyes came to rest upon the silken-clad figure he had been longing to see again.

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Her dance had barely started. Her communion with the moonlight was still in its early stages, and she, this ethereal creature remained unknowing of his presence as she began to move by the light of the moon. No music could be played to match her movements, for the song to which she danced was the song of the heavens itself, its sacred rhythms far too beautiful for mere mortals to ever know. With tresses of moon-lit shimmering ice cascading down the towering mountains behind her, his eyes focused on her hips as they began their gentle sway. Her hands, adorned by delicate fingers, rose up to the sky above, and then began their slow and gentle decent down, finding their way into her long, silky black hair. The serpentine movements of her dark-skinned, athletic body were slow and deliberate… entrancing, as if seducing the moon itself. Her head tilted back as her fingers moved down her body, her dance becoming more intense, more inviting and more impassioned… drawing the watcher in the woods into a deeper trance. She tossed her head around with her long silken hair trailing behind, cutting through the air like a whip, and for a moment, he caught a glimpse of her haunting wolfen eyes. They were opened wide, taking in the majestic heavens above as the potent sensation of her heavenly communion filled her senses, stoking her inner flame.

Andy felt humbled, tormented and awe-struck at this mysterious being dancing once more before his eyes. Even in this early stage she was way beyond beautiful. She was exquisite in the waves of sensuality and passion that radiated off of her. The creamy complexion of her skin seemed to fuse with the moonlight falling upon it. The peaks of her ample breasts rising and falling beneath that silken robe were like mountains heralding triumph to any explorer brazen enough to explore their peaks. Every curve and nuance seemed to etch itself into his memory as he drew in another shaky breath, chilled by the sight before him… heated by the arousal she stirred inside.

Entranced, her movements became more dramatic. Her fingers slid down over her bare throat, tracing her creamy flesh as she spun slowly. Strands of black, red and gold material flowed like a tornado around her. Her outstretched arms, seemed to embrace the form of some unseen lover she longed to caress, and once again, Andy caught a glimpse of those haunting wolfen eyes, which scanned the perimeter of the clearing. Did she know he was there? His heart began to race even faster than it had been before, and a jolt of energy rushed through his body, urging him to run. Spellbound, he ignored the urges of his instincts and stayed hidden in the darkness of shadows. His gaze fixed upon her in anticipation, she suddenly stopped in her tracks with a steely gaze upon him. Frozen by eyes like that of a predator fixed upon its prey, his breathing became shallow, his body filled with excitement as he watched her continue her serpentine dance. With the wind still blowing softly, a sudden coldness crept underneath his skin, quivering, he was soaking wet with desire.

"I shouldn't be here," he thought….

Then, another chill crept into his mind, his mind shocked numb, pacing around itself with doubts and fears about what he was witnessing. Then, suddenly, her hands thrust upward to the heavens in a sudden rage with her head tilted back. The silhouette of her body underneath the silken robe was more than he could stand, teasing him…luring him out into the open. With Andy out in the open, his mysterious dancer, facing him, fell to her knees with her head down. She let out a torturous scream as she arched her back with her arms flying open. Andy watched in horror as the nails on those beautiful fingers grew into claws bigger than any bear, which met her chest between those dreamy peaks, digging in, pealing the skin away to reveal a beast once thought to be only legend….. The Loup-Garoux. It’s piercing yellow eyes and the sound of its hungry bay, paralyzed him with fear. Unable to run, he tried to scream, but nothing came out as the Loup-Garoux charged at him, frozen at the edge of the trees…..

By: S. Tepes