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Poetry/Short Stories

A Warning

by Wolf Crazy

You know, every time I look back at it I can't seem to see what it is I did wrong. I mean I was never a mean guy. Sure everyone gets mad at people, but sometimes maybe you think you could have handled things better. Wait a minute, I shouldn't start like this. First I need to explain myself, who I am, where I came from, all of that nice fluffy good stuff. I mean, I hope someone reads this someday. Anyway, I'm babbling, lets get started. I was born in October of '78. It's kind of funny when you think of what that month represents. I pretty much had a good childhood. I was your average bratty kid, and my parents were more than kind to me. Never was I punished, well not harshly punished anyway. I always had trouble being part of the group. I was picked on by most of the kids I grew up with.

It wasn't until high school when I finally met people who accepted me. I was able to start fresh with new people. For a while I was so happy. I had good friends, good grades, and a better perspective on life in general. I was ready to face anything, or so I thought. I joined one of those after school activity type things. You know, the kind where you either help the school or help the young kids in the school. Looking back on it now I realize how silly it seemed, but then I didn't care. It was a way to meet people. Anyway, before the school year started, my last, we went on a retreat with all the members of our group, even some of the new ones. Well we went out to some woods, actually very close to where I lived. So the last night we were out there a bunch of us decided to play a small game of manhunt. If any of you don't know what that game is too bad cause I don't feel like explaining it.

So, of course I ran off and hid behind a section of trees. Man, this sounds like some kind of movie. Well it wasn't too long after I heard some movement close to where I was hiding. I assumed it was one of the kids on the other team. I figured that if I remained motionless they wouldn't notice me. WRONG. Whoever it was, and to this day I still don't know who, could smell me. Before I could react this dark blur smacked right into me. Everything happened so fast that I must have hit my head cause I don't remember anything after that. I awoke the next morning in a hospital room. I was told by the doctor that was in the room at the time, that I was attacked by an animal and brought in by my teacher the night before. He said the wounds looked too large to be from any type of animal he knew of. Well my wounds eventually healed and I was released from the hospital. I went home and resumed my "normal" life. I was the center of attention for awhile at school but that soon died down and I began to push the event into the back of my mind. I just assumed that it some animal protecting its territory. Well, one month later I found out how wrong I was. I was in my room watching TV, and the last thing I recall was looking at the clock. It was 5:37. I'm sure that my mind does remember the events that transpired next, though for the life of me I can not.

Story continued below


The next morning I woke up in a field. As I began to push away the cobwebs in my brain I realized why I was shivering. I was completely nude and lying on the baseball field behind my school. I knew this wasn't natural so instead of sitting there and trying to figure out why I was there, I got up and ran home. This took a while because I live five miles from school. When I opened the door by way of the hidden key in our shed I knew something wasn't right. There was this nasty smell everywhere. I went up the stairs and I could hear this dripping sound coming from the kitchen. What it was was my mother's body sprawled across the table, her stomach and chest were torn open exposing most of the internal organs. The tips of her fingers had blood dripping off of them. As soon as I saw this I vomited all over the floor. Once I could compose myself I walked through the rest of the house and found my fathers and brother's bodies. My father's head was separated from his body. I couldn't even recognize my brother. It was around this time when I noticed my body and the fact that most of my torso and legs were covered in blood.

I eventually made my way upstairs and curled myself into a fetal position. I must have slept a while cause when I next woke up I was being hauled out by police officers. I was still quite naked though I was covered in a blanket. I was brought to the station and they tried to question me, but what could I tell them. I didn't have any answers for them. At least not back then, now I could tell you what happened, but most likely you wouldn't believe me. Well I was questioned well into the evening. This was not good, though I didn't know that at the time. Now it seems, for me at least, that I can not remember my first transformation but I can recall everyone after that. Well at the same time as yesterday I began to change. Right in front of the policemen that were questioning me. The pain that seemed to be tearing apart every inch of my body was…I don't think that any explanation I give can do this sensation justice. You will just have to trust me, it was bad.

It actually didn't take that long, but whenever pain is involved it seems like an eternity. I broke free of the handcuffs they had placed on me and leaped across the table onto one of the two officers. My hands (claws) ripped into his stomach searching for the bounty within. It didn't take long for me to find it. Once his stomach was exposed to the world I opened my mouth (jaws) wide and had myself a little banquet. Before I had even gotten down the first mouthful I was overcome with a fit of rage and I leapt up and to the side colliding ride into the second officer. It was like I couldn't be satisfied until everyone was dead.

Well I went for the second officer's throat, crunching down with jaws of steel. It didn't take much to separate his head from his neck. I looked around for a moment and viewed the carnage that had just ensued in this room. I stood up on my two feet, threw back my arms and head and let out howl of excitement. With that I ran through the door of the office and down the hall of the station. I could hear voices up ahead, men and women who were confused as to where that howl had come from. I was about to show them. The end of the hall opened up into what would be called the headquarters of this tiny station. I looked for a moment at the seven people that were about to meet death face to face. Then once the moment had seemed to sink in I charged at the closest officer to me. A quick swipe to his throat and he was dead and I was off onto my next victim.

As I approached four of the officers who were huddled together I could smell their fear. It made me become even more enraged then before and broke into a sprint right into the middle of the group. The two officers that were in the middle died upon impact. Then I reached for the other two with each arm. I grabbed them by their throats and lifted them up into the air. I held them for a moment, growling deep in my chest. Then I knocked both their heads together causing blood to explode across the wall and onto me a little. I dropped their lifeless bodies and turned slowly to face my last two victims. All this commotion had given them time to grasp the situation and reach for their guns.

Each fired one shot, both hit me square in the stomach. I bent over a little when they hit me, and grimaced at the pain they caused me. But the pain didn't last long before it became an itching. I looked down and saw each bullet slowly peek out from their holes and drop to the floor. I looked up at the officers and then howled. I ran at them full speed, they each fired a few more rounds but I didn't care now whether they hit me or not, I wanted their blood! Once I was close enough I shoved both my claws into their chests, finding their hearts and ripping them back out the holes I had just created. I ate both the hearts. Then with my stomach filled for the moment I ran out of the station and out onto the streets of my small town. I headed for a small section of town where there was some woods that I could use as cover. I ran across streets and watched as cars swerved to avoid hitting me.

I finally made it to the woods where I stood for a few moments licking the blood off my hands. I looked up at the sky and saw the moon, complete and full. This recharged my rage and I started running again following a scent I had caught on the wind. The scent led me to the part of the woods that was behind my old grammar school. I stopped for a moment listening to the air for a sign of my prey. After a brief second I caught voices coming from this tiny playground I used to play on as a kid. I didn't even wait to try to find with my eyes. I ran down towards the playground and started pulling at the steel bars searching for these two youngsters. Well I found them; they were hiding within a tiny enclosure within the playground.

I bent back the bars that surrounded them. I stood for second and bared my teeth. Then I set loose my rage upon them. I didn't have an order to what I was doing this time; I just ripped them apart until even I couldn't recognize them anymore. I stood back up at my full height and let a long howl. While my head was still tilted back I opened the eyes and caught the sight of the moon again. I don't think I have to explain what happened next. This type of thing went on the rest of the night. Every time I saw the moon I went into this beserker rage and wouldn't be sated until I had killed some unwitting person. Eventually the sun rose and I was back to my old self. I knew now what I was, as impossible as it seemed even after all of that I still had trouble believing it. I left town that day and I haven't come back since. It's been three years since that night and I am probably wanted in every state for murder. To explain a little more of how it works, I only change three nights out of the month but I am conscious of what I do even if I can't control it. I heal fast enough to hide the fact that it was me out killing people the night before, and during those daytime hours I can still hear, smell, and see as well as I can at night. I don't know why I am writing all this now; maybe I need some kind of release from my guilt or something. I don't know. All I know is that I am too afraid of what death holds for me to kill myself, though I still hate what I am. I wish every day that I had died the night I was attacked. I don't have much else to say because the sun is going down and I need to get out of here before I change. One last thing, for those of you that read this, know that I am telling the truth and creatures like me exist and that one night I could be in your town.

Consider this a warning.